Network Solutions

We step by step tailor your business get in the way of Unified Communications. We ensure the quality and availability of information and the means to achieve this goal. We also provide all type of video and voice solutions.

Network Solutions LAN, WAN, IP backbones, switches and routers:

We provide network solutions includes LAN, WAN, IP backbones, switches and routers for managing data, voice and video for small, medium and corporate remote offices. We design the best solution that meets your requirements to meet the objectives of reducing costs and gain competitive advantages offered by the Internet and IP communications.

Wireless LAN (WLAN, Wi-Fi) Solutions:

We have a wide range of products and solutions for Wireless Local Area Network, or Wireless LANs (WLAN), using the best technologies available in the market. WLANs are easily integrated with wired networks and Wi-Fi supports all current standards.

Virtualization Solution:

World is moving toward virtualization and cloud computing. Buraq Tech is also providing the virtual networking solutions like:

  • Installation and configuration of virtual servers.
  • Installation and configuration of virtual datacom devices like virtual Router.

Network software and hardware equipment:

We provide wide range of active network equipment of Cisco and other vendors devices like switches, router, PCs, wireless network equipment. Also dealing with Microsoft products and their installations.