Info Sec & CCTV

Close circuit television cameras (CCTV) are used to monitor and record images of what takes place in specific locations in real time. It is very useful in crime prevention. The images collected are sent to a monitor and recorded on video tape or as digital information. The camera can be fixed or set to scan an area or they can be operated by controllers. These CCTV cameras also give the liberty to use them remotely on personal computers or in smart devices like iPhone, Black Berry or other PDAs.

Security Cameras we work with:

  • FIX Camera – Simple Box Camera but with good picture quality.
  • IR Camera Infrared Cameras; can catch best picture in day CFA night mode.
  • CCTV – CCTV ease you to watch your business in home from Internet.
  • DOME Camera – PTZ Cameras are used for high Security zonal areas, Great Zooming power and best picture quality in night mode. and much more

We deals with wide range of local and branded products like Avtech, Bosch, Samsung, Zmodo etc.

Data Security and CCTV

  • Security:It is important to monitor the network to prevent and / or resolve possible attacks from external threats such as viruses or spyware. To this end, Cycnus provides professionals with experience and knowledge to keep your network and equipment in perfect condition.
  • Support for businesses and individuals: The infrastructure requires ongoing support, either to ensure the proper functioning of the installed systems, or for troubleshooting hardware and supporting software.